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The CAGP is proud to launch a new mentorship program. This is a unique opportunity to connect senior physicians with residents and trainees in the field of geriatric psychiatry. The goals of this program are to create a safe environment conducive of learning, support and the sharing of information, increase careers satisfaction and be a rewarding opportunity for all participants.

Participants will be able to review the profiles of available mentors/mentees and can be matched through the CAGP to develop a partnership. 

Mentors are defined as practicing physicians. The CAGP is looking for mentors who:

  • Are active, practicing physicians
  • Are willing to share their expertise and information to residents/trainees
  • Will provide support to their mentee and assist them in developing goals for career development
  • Will create a safe, judgment free environment for the mentee
  • Will act as a role model for their mentee

Mentees are defined as full time residents or trainees. Mentee candidates will:

  • Be respectful of their mentor and be receptive to suggestions and feedback from their mentor
  • Accept responsibility for their career development
  • Accept information as confidential
 Complete your Mentor profile hereComplete your Trainee Profile here  

For more information about this new program please contact CAGP.

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